About Us

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What We Believe

Ever feel like life is a war? Except you’re unsure who you’re fighting and why? Your strategy doesn’t work, and you’re constantly ducking friendly fire?

We think you’re on to something. We believe God put us here to continue his work spreading his good kingdom into every chaotic corner of the world. Naturally, this means chaos fights back. Sin convinces us all to distrust God’s good rule; we do whatever works out for us, no matter who gets hurt by our selfish choices. When we turn on each other like this, we contribute to the chaos that’s already fighting against us.

But we believe if we humble ourselves and begin to trust God’s goodness, he will fill us with his life and power to spread his good kingdom everywhere we go.

And we believe we really can trust God’s good rule. God became one of us as Jesus of Nazareth and showed us a kingdom completely opposite from what we expected:

A kingdom of love, not fear.

A kingdom where the greatest leaders are the lowest servants.

A king who demonstrated his power and claimed his authority by assuming the blame for all our selfishness and chaos.

He submitted to the consequence of that blame, the consequence of death.

But death can’t keep this king killed.

He rose from the dead and shared his authority and power with his followers:

Authority and power to serve others before ourselves.

Authority and power to love others above ourselves.

Authority and power to lay down our lives without fear.

And this is how we win the war.

So we built a safe place teaching simple truth.

Our mission is to bring people together in Christ to Abide in Him, to Acquire from Him, to Advance with Him.

Our vision is to create a world connected in Christ.

We value unity, authenticity, simplicity, generosity, laughter.

In The Fort, you can rest from the fight outside.

In The Fort, you can heal from your wounds.

In The Fort, you can prepare for tomorrow’s battle.

Welcome to The Fort.

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Our church is a member of the International Church of the Nazarene, so we follow and agree with the doctrinal statement they provide. To read this statement, please visit their website.