Get Involved

At our church, we believe that the best way to lead others is to serve, and there are lots of ways you can get involved! All of our ministries strive to connect the world to Christ in some way or another. Your gifts fit somewhere, so take a look at how you can plug in and reach out! Even if you don't attend in-person each week, we would love to have you serving in our church!

Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry seeks to inspire people to honor Jesus Christ through worship. While our medium is usually music, our real role is leadership. It doesn't matter if you can sing or play an instrument perfectly (our sound team works hard to make us sound great no matter what!) We need people whose attitude of awe and humility in the presence of God is contagious! Does that describe you? Let’s talk!

Thomas, Worship Pastor
Young Adult Ministry
Youth Ministry
Steven, Young Adult & Youth Ministries

Children's Ministry
Miranda, Children's Ministry

Prayer Ministry
Cheryl, Prayer Ministry